How much does the hunt cost?
The only cost to the hunter is getting to and home from the camp. Hunters receive food, shelter, hunting license and if the hunter harvests a deer it will be processed at the camp and sent home with the hunter. Hunter should bring their own sleeping bag/pillow and toiletries.

Who is eligible for the hunt?
Anyone with a physical disability will be considered for the hunt.

Where is the hunt located?
Approximately 6 miles south of Leonard, ND near the Sheyenne National Grasslands.

What hunting equipment do I need to bring?
Twist of Fate provides crossbows and hunting blinds, if you have your own hunting equipment you are welcome to bring it.

Are pets allowed?
Only service dogs are allowed.

When is the hunt?
It is the last full week of September. Thursday – Sunday.

Can I bring a family member/friend?
Yes, each hunter can bring someone and that person can choose to participate if they would like. Each hunter is paired up with a guide so there is no need for the companion to go along on the hunt.

What facilities are available?
The hunters will be staying in tents. There is electricity in the tents for any needs the hunter may have. There is also a handicap shower and toilets in camp.

How can I volunteer?
Twist of Fate meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the month starting in April. Check the Events page for location or email us at twistoffatend@gmail.com for more information.

What kind of hunting experience do I need to have?
None, we have targets available for practice and expert hunters to give training.

Do I need to be a hunter to volunteer?
No, there are several other things to do around camp.
How do I apply to be a hunter?
Download, fill out the application and email or mail it back to us..
Application in PFD format

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